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PittServes is a university-wide initative that engages University of Pittsburgh students in meaningful service to the community on a local, national, and international scale. Our focus on sustainability, education, and community development allows us to increase student community service and support our surrounding community!


We are writing with an update regarding the University of Pittsburgh’s response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, which has been named a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The University has been monitoring and preparing for the spread of this outbreak since January, working to exercise caution without causing undue disruption to normal operations. You can read more about the response here.

The University has requested that students not return to University housing after spring break if they are able to remain at their permanent residence. Classes will be suspended next week. Then, for the remainder of the semester, our students’ coursework will be shifted to an online environment. The reason for this decision is to help maintain the safety of not only the students and University community, but also the welfare of those in the greater Pittsburgh region. While there are no confirmed cases on or near a Pitt campus at this time, the number of confirmed infections is growing in multiple states across the country. This reality—coupled with the fact that most of our undergraduate students are traveling during spring break—significantly heightens our risk if we were to resume normal academic activities.
What does this mean for your planned and posted volunteer projects?

  • Some of our students who live outside of the region will not be returning to Pittsburgh and will no longer be able to continue their work with your organization.
  • Some students may wish to see if there is a virtual/online opportunity for them to serve your organization through the end of the semester.
  • In some instances, a student who lives locally might wish to continue working with your organization.

We will be checking in with each of our students and will be in communication with you as soon as we can about changes to student involvement in your organization.


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Are you passionate about serving a cause? Trying to find an area that interests you? Connect with agencies to explore or expand your passions. It is easy to find a local group that is dedicated to the issues you are passionate about!


Be sure to track your hours of service through our portal to ensure that you are eligible for OCC credit, earn service recognition, and support the University's efforts to tell the story of service of the Pitt Panthers!


PittServes hosts annual service trips during Fall Break and Spring Break! Consider spending your break serving the community.